Non Surgical Solutions

Weight loss – see healthy eating plan

Stop smoking
cigarette smoke irritates nasal lining.

Drink more water
2L/day – thins down mucus so it flows easily (thus stops post nasal drip)

Cut down caffeine
Promotes water loss through diuresis – dehydrates body and causes mucus to thicken up = post nasal drip

Nasal Steroid spray

  • Like Flonase / Avamys – 2 puffs into each nostril at night
  • Get your doctor to prescribe
  • Safe for lifelong use – especially if you live in an allergic place like Cape Town
  • It dampens down the way your nose reacts to the outside – thus decreasing the swelling of your nasal lining and opening your nose.

How to use a nasal spray
Always bend head forward when using a nasal spray so that spray bottle aimed up and slightly towards your eye

Failure to respond to these conservative solutions requires referral to an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist

  • Keeps jaw forward while sleeping, thus keeping the back of your tongue away from the back of your throat.
  • Trial device R450;  Custom made device R3400 excl VAT and delivery

  • This device blows an extra puff of air through your nose or mouth as you breathe in while sleeping.
  • This forces air past any floppy obstruction
  • Obviously it will work better if the nose is open and throat not obstructed